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Best Startup EU names Solon among the 101 Top internet startups and companies in Madrid

Celebrating outstanding innovation, management and growth, Best Startup EU is an online publication that helps promote European businesses and put them on the international stage. All companies listed on 101 Top Internet Startups and Companies in Madrid have been chosen by industry professionals in categories recognising excellence in innovation and any beneficial impact that has been passed onto society.

Our mission statement is to showcase the top EU businesses, encourage investment in them and promote European success wherever we see it and I feel Solon has truly embodied what we stand for as a company. I am proud to help Solon attain a platform for the international and domestic EU market

The company co-founder Mr Ahmed

About Solon

Solon is the first community built on content-based reputation that connects consumers with knowledge and experts.

Our mission is to democratize the access to experts and their knowledge to guarantee a healthy, developing and innovative society.

About the Best Startup EU Award

Annually, Best Startup EU awards the most successful startups in the EU, with its lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. Best Startup EU aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost EU based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to a global audience.

Pleased and humbled by this latest recognition Solon is ready and eager to deliver on the EU and global stage that Best Startup EU has helped it attain. Solon would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible, whose work has gained the recognition and notoriety to achieve a place on this list. 

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