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You may have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” before. It is an African proverb that refers to the difficulties of raising a child alone, and the importance of having a tribe to lean on.

Although there are parents who are lucky enough to have a face-to-face tribe to support them (family, friends, parenting groups…), in general, our lifestyle and everyday chaos forces us to raise our children without a physical support network. As if this wasn’t enough, the pandemic and social restrictions have been aggravating this feeling of loneliness in parenting for two years.

What is Solon and how can this virtual tribe help you raise your children?

At first glance we might think that ‘Solon: Access to Experts’ is simply a parenting app. But when you start browsing and discovering its innumerable functions, you realise that it is much more than that.

It is a complete directory that brings together dozens of topics related to parenting, children’s education, health, nutrition, child development or leisure plans with children, among many others.

Once inside the application you will find a showcase with all the themes that currently have a place in Solon. In addition to those mentioned earlier, you will also find topics related to children’s decoration, sports, vaccinations for children, mental health and physical health. For the app to only show you relevant content, it is best to select only those topics that you want to “follow”.

In this way, each time you access the application, new and personalised content will appear according to your interests, so you will not waste time digging through topics that are not useful to you, as it can happen with blogs or general websites.

The content displayed on Solon is dynamic and comes in many formats; from the classic text in the form of an article, to images, infographics, audios or videos. As a user, you will be able to consult said content, comment on it or give it a ‘like’, just as we do with publications on social networks.

All users can create content

But the interesting thing about this application is that users are not a passive element limited only to consume and comment on the published content. They can also publish their own content, which can be done in several ways:

  • Asking questions, asking for help from other users or raising a question about a related topic.
  • Responding to questions raised by other people.
  • Or proactively, volunteering advice or sharing activities, experiences or articles of interest that in turn can help others.

To encourage user participation, points are assigned based on the “likes” received. That way, it is easy to get an idea of ​​​​which users are more engaged, share useful content or answer the questions of others.

In short, all users registered in Solon form a wide network of fathers, mothers and experts in different subjects that end up forming that VIRTUAL TRIBE that I mentioned at the beginning, and that we need so much in parenting.

At any given time users can contact an expert registered in the application whenever they need more information or individualised advice. Through Solon they will be able to contact that expert and request paid advice, in order sorting their doubts in a timely manner with a more direct, personal and professional approach.

The importance of having a tribe to lean on

My first child was the first child in both families, and also the first in our group of friends. If any first-time mother is already feeling quite alone and overwhelmed during the first months after the birth of her baby, it is not difficult to imagine what it means to become a young mother with no sisters, sisters-in-law or mother friends to rely on.

That’s why, 13 years ago, when I became a first-time mother, my lifeline was maternity blogs. In them I found support, company, understanding and answers to the many doubts that arose in my day to day life as a mother.

On many occasions, those doubts were answered by other mothers more experienced than me , with more children or more years of maternity behind them. But in reality, anyone who had a minimum of knowledge on a subject was willing to share it for the benefit of others.

Teachers with great creativity who entertained and taught the little ones by sharing ideas for crafts or stories on their blogs; mothers who were nurses or pharmacists who advised others about childhood vaccinations, hygiene products or complementary feeding; mothers and lactation consultants offering their best advice; mothers and entrepreneurs advising on cloth diapers, baby carriers, Montessori education, Positive Discipline,…

Although over the years multiple websites, influencers and information have appeared everywhere, I must confess that I always missed the spirit of community, empathy and tribe that emerged in those years.

That is why I’ve liked so much discovering the Solon app, its philosophy and the growing project behind it. As a mother and the author of this blog – one of the first in the so-called ‘maternal blogosphere’ – I feel that Solon takes us back in a way to the origins of that wonderful and sincere virtual tribe that we created. But, in addition, this app is an important meeting point between parents and experts in different subjects (including Positive Discipline), being of great help when facing the innumerable challenges that we face every day.

I would love to see you at Solon! Read you, share and make a tribe.

Because together we can create interesting and useful content that serves as a beacon for many families.

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